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The goal is to deliver high quality and, above all, representative images that can be used for your purposes. For the optimal result of a shoot you need one  solid preparation, an effective recording and a few steps afterwards in order to be able to deliver the images in the desired quality on time. Since many of these steps are not obvious, but are important and time-consuming, you will find a list and explanation below. These services are all included in the price.





Depending on the complexity of the shoot, one or more discussions will be held. The first  Detailed agreement primarily clarifies the desired recording times, rooms, schedule for events, existing lighting, number of dishes, wishes and use of the images (for web, promotion, sales, etc.) as well as the number of desired images *


Based on the detailed agreement, a tailor-made offer is created and sent. After the approval and signature of both parties, the services and conditions apply as a contract


Depending on the needs and possibilities, a tour will take place to calculate the planning in terms of light and perspective. This will mainly take place with exterior and interior shots, as well as outdoor portrait shootings. (Up to 40km included in the price, from 40km travel expenses of CHF 1 / km will be charged)


Pictures are taken with a full-format Canon 5D Mark III camera and, depending on the order, exposed with L-lenses (24-70mm, 35-16mm, 70-200mm, 50mm, 85mm, fisheye). A reserve camera and additional equipment such as a tripod, folding walls, flash etc. are used depending on the type of shoot. Preparation and assembly of the equipment is included


For the food styling, the preparation of the dishes is discussed, as these are not exactly similar to a normal dish. Special features (plated service) will be clarified in advance. Depending on the arrangement, backdrops, photo tents and external lighting will be used. Dishes will be clarified in the detailed agreement. Creative and innovative images (such as splashes, flying objects, reflections, etc.) are discussed in advance.


Home staging is the professional staging of rooms to boost sales or rentals. During a shoot, particular care is taken to ensure that nothing personal, old or worn is lying around that could interfere with a professional image. With Soft Home Staging, small things are cleared away, furniture is prepared so that it fits the picture, signs, papers, etc. are removed. 


A selection of images is selected and edited by the photographer. All images are recorded in RAW and post-processed with Lightroom, Photoshop and Luminar (light corrections, color corrections, perspective corrections, sharpness, etc.). If the images have to be processed by an agency, this must be clarified in advance. No RAW data is handed out.


An online picture gallery is created and sent by email. The format of the  is in JPG and can  downloaded. 


The images are sent in JPG, DNG, GIF and TIF format via WeTransfer after the first approval. 

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